Setting up an Account
Petr's STOCK website is powered by PhotoShelter, an industry leader in online image management for photographers around the world, offering a broad range of the latest advanced tools for the end users to use, including an immediate high resolution download after a purchase has been made.
Many of these tools are available to you without a need to log in but to make use of a full range of all these helpful features, then logging in is required. To do so is very quick and easy, as all you need to do is to go to the CLIENT AREA and type in your name, e-mail address and password. All your details will never be shared, sold or used in any way other than for internal records by NZICESCAPES IMAGES and Photoshelter, should the need arise.
Lightbox and its sharing
PhotoShelter transformed the Lightbox tool into a very powerful, very easy to use and extremely useful feature for you. From storing multiple collections of images, rating images, adding comments to images, saving them for your latest access, to sharing lightboxes between multiple users and more. You can add unlimited number of images to your Lightbox , as well creating an unlimited number of Lightboxes.
The possibility of rating and commenting on images can be highly valuable when working in teams, at different locations and during busy schedules of team members.
The function of sharing Lightboxes is very useful, especially when working in separate creative teams, where everyone needs to see one sheet. All it takes to share lightboxes is to e-mail, through the “Share Lightbox” button, a link inviting the person(s) you want to share it with directly to your Lightbox.
Depending on whether the person has an account on, he/she will need to enter a password or choose one. If the person is new to, he/she will need to choose a password to see the Lightbox and will automatically be equipped with an account and, therefore in the future, be able to create and share their own lightboxes and purchase images.
Image file specs
All images are available as full, native size, high-res JPEG or TIF files with NO INTERPOLATION, as Adobe RGB at 300dpi.
Our image files originate from either RAW Digital Capture or from colour transparencies. Transparencies were scanned on the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED at 300dpi.
Free comp low res files are available to registered clients for instant download at 500px on a longer side and are watermarked.
How to buy an image
There is a several ways to purchase Petr's images.
All images on are available for commercial licensing. Next to licensing, some of the images can be purchased in the form of Info Cards, Bookmarks, Books and Booklets or Posters, please visit STORE and some of them can be purchased as collectable, archival Limited Edition Prints, please visit LIMITED EDITIONS PRINTS.
Licensing Images
All images on are available as RIGHTS-MANAGED (RM) imagery for commercial licensing to all industries such as publishers, advertising agencies, the media, newspapers, government bodies and others.
All images can be licensed and downloaded immediately online after an image license purchase has been made. Or, for the more personal approach, you can contact us directly, as we are always happy to assist you with your enquiry.
Specifics: The advantage of the Rights-Managed image license is that we can monitor where and who is using every image. The image license will specify the end usage terms such as the media in which the RM image will appear, the name of the end user, geographical distribution, size of reproduction and duration of use.
You will be granted a non-exclusive, revocable license for reproduction of the image solely in accordance with the terms of the Image License Agreement you and NZICESCAPES IMAGES will have agreed on.
Usage history: Should you require it, NZICESCAPES IMAGES can provide you with a usage history of every RM image on this site, to avoid any commercial conflicts.
Fees: To determine a license fee, there is an online calculator incorporated into the licensing process, through which you will be able to estimate a license fee for your image in accordance with your intended usage. Since this calculator originates in the US, all fees are derived from US$ and based on the current exchange rate converted into NZ$.
Please note, all license fees are indicative only. For accurate pricing and bulk discounts for your project, please request a quote.
Purchase: After you have found an image you would like to license, and through the online calculator calculated the license fee, you can either save your purchase in a CART and come back to it later or simply proceed directly to the Check Out.
Credits/Cancellations A full credit or refund is available if an RM license is canceled within 30 days for any reason. You will be required to destroy the original and every printed and electronic copy of the image.
Exclusive Rights: Exclusive Rights to image(s) are available, please contact NZICESCAPES IMAGES.
As with all images on this site, RM images or its parts cannot be copied, passed-on or on-sold to third parties.
Checking out/Payment/Download
For fast & secure online payments we utilize the worldwide processing services of PayPal for all purchases made on our websites.
After proceeding to Check Out and ensuring the accuracy of your order, follow the navigation through the PayPal process to complete your payment. After completion of your payment you will be returned to, where a link to your file(s) will be available for you.
To find the link, log in to the CLIENT AREA in the top right corner of any page and select “My Downloads”. The image file will be available for you to download for 96 hours from the date of purchase.
In the “Client Area” you can track all your purchases, downloads and account details.
All images on and are Copyright Petr Hlavacek and are protected by New Zealand and International Copyright Law.
Any un-authorised usage, copying, downloading and/or distribution of images is strictly prohibited.
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